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28 AUGUST 2023

Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie Vol 1 and Vol 2 is now available from BearManor Media  as eBooks for instant digital download to your e-reader devices. Each volume is priced at $15 (£12.99) and is available directly from the publisher at


12 JULY 2023

We have received plenty of messages in regards to the restoration project in Malta on the Raise the Titanic film model. As of July 2023, the project is currently on hold due to on-going upgrades to the film studio who will be leading the rebuild process. While this is not the news fans of the film want to hear, we have been reasurred that the project is still planned for the near future. Any important updates for the project will be posted here to the NEWS DESK and over on the official Raise the Titanic Movie Group on Facebook.


14 APRIL 2023

BearManor Media, publisher of my two-volume book set RAISE THE TITANIC: THE MAKING OF THE MOVIE, have a special promotional offer on with the books in hardback and paperback purchased directly through their website. A 30% discount off the retail price is available until the 15 May 2023. The 30% will be applied to the order during checkout. PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available through the official publishers website at


8 MARCH 2023

NOW AVAILABLE - TITANIC ON SCREEN is now available in both hardback and paperback formats. Order your copy today from the Blurb online bookstore at and


28 DECEMBER 2022

UP AND COMING BOOK RELEASE FOR 2023. Author and Titanic historian Jonathan Smith has a new book in the works covering the subject of Titanic on film. Titanic on Screen:  A Beginners Guide to the Titanic Disaster in Movies, Television, Documentaries and News Reels is a decade-by-decade guide list to known releases covering the subject of Titanic and her two sister ships; Olympic and Britannic on film with entry including production details, running time, format release and a brief synopsis. Each entry is accompanied by official artwork advertising (where available) and a small selection of images from that footage (where available). Titanic on Screen is perfect for those who want to track down available titles to increase their viewing pleasure and building their own library of footage. 

Titanic on Screen is scheduled for a release in March 2023.  


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12 NOVEMBER 2022

NOW AVAILABLE - Raise the Titanic Uncovered. The new paperback book on the rejected 1977 screenplay for Raise the Titanic. Available from Blurb. Go to BOOKS ON THE MOVIE for more details. 

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NOW AVAILABLE - Ever wanted a Raise the Titanic film calendar? Want no more... The 2023 film calendar is now available. Enjoy 12-months of official company stills for the movie in full glorious colour. Order yours today for £14.43 from  



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NOW AVAILABLE - Raise the Titanic: The ITC Entertainment Collection is available from today. This wonderful hardback book consists of 160 pages in a 8 x 10 format to showcase a wide range of official ITC company colour photographs from the time of production on the movie. The book is only available through, but can be shipped to over 50 countries.




22 OCTOBER 2022

Another new book on the film will be released for November 2022. Raise the Titanic: The ITC Entertainment Collection is a fantastic hardback book featuring a huge array of official ITC company images from the time of the films production; and published for the first time in full colour, as they were intended.   


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1 AUGUST 2022

As today marks the 42nd anniversary of the release of Raise the Titanic in cinemas, it also marks the official day of release of the brand new two-volume book RAISE THE TITANIC: THE MAKING OF THE MOVIE by Jonathan Smith. Take a journey behind-the-scenes of Lew Grade's infamous Titanic movie with these info-packed lavishly illustrated volumes of how the film was made. 

Available from, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other online retailers. 


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