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Welcome to the official UK website for the 1980 motion picture adventure RAISE THE TITANIC. It was claimed to be the “big one” for the 80s by its financier Lord Lew Grade. Produced by Martin Starger. Directed by Jerry Jameson and starring Richard Jordan, David Selby, Jason Robards, Anne Archer and Alec Guinness, RAISE THE TITANIC was based on the best-selling novel by Clive Cussler and the unfathomable story of the race to find and salvage the long-lost luxury liner Titanic from her watery grave over two-miles down on the bottom of the North Atlantic. 


RAISE THE TITANIC remains a highly underrated movie production, overshadowed by its dismal box-officing takings at the time of release. Costing a staggering £24 million to create, the largest film budgeted project of the 1970s, RAISE THE TITANIC was one of the most challenging film productions to date with film locations lensing at Alaska, Greece, Malta, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chesapeake Bay and England to the astonishing large scale model FX that resulted in the world’s largest Titanic film model ever being constructed.


This website was created by a life-long fan of the movie; RAISE THE TITANIC movie expert and Titanic historian Jonathan Smith. Since 1979 Jonathan has accumulated an impressive collection of movie items directly associated with RAISE THE TITANIC. The collection includes a wealth of original storyboards, concept sketches, behind the scenes photographs, publicity and promotional images, newspaper and magazine cuttings, film props, rare movie production documents, plans, schematics, lobby cards, posters and numerous collectibles. 


Jonathan’s dedication to preserving artefacts from RAISE THE TITANIC also includes many stories shared to him by those who worked on the motion picture. The accumulation of these stories and collection have come together for the first book that covers in great detail how the movie was made. RAISE THE TITANIC: The Making of the Movie that was released by the publisher BearManor Media on 1 August 2022 and then followed with the November releases of the books Raise the Titanic: The ITC Entertainment Collection and Raise the Titanic Uncovered.  In March 2023 he released Titanic on Screen, a beginner's guide to the Titanic disaster in movies, on television, in documentaries, and news reels, and presented in a informative guide book starting from the earliest known footage of the Titanic in 1909 right up to present day.


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