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“There is a fascinating aura about the sinking of the Titanic that has gripped thousands of nostalgia freaks, including myself.” 

Clive Cussler 



Clive Eric Cussler was born on 15 July 1931 in the City of Lights known as Aurora, located some forty miles from Chicago. While working in a managerial role at an Aquatic diving store in Newport Beach during 1968, he would bring into work a portable typewriter that he would turn to during the qui- et periods. The time working in the shop also brought him closer to expertise in diving that would later benefit his fulfilment of becoming an author of sea stories and grand tales.  


Cussler finished his first novel The Sea Dweller in 1967. It would re-emerge later when published under the new title of Pacific Vortex which introduced the character of Dirk Pitt. Raise the Titanic! originated from Cussler’s inspiration of fantasy and desire in seeing the world’s most famous ocean liner brought up from the sea bed. In June 1974 Cussler forwarded the manuscript for Raise the Titanic! to his agent. The New York publishing company Viking Press signed Cussler up and the novel, after some heavy editing here and there, finally went to print and hitting bookstores in the fall of 1976 to steadily become a best-seller. Since its release, the novel has not been out of print. 


Cussler’s Dirk Pitt would live on through a series of books. But Cussler’s adventurous flare did not stop there. The years to follow would see Cussler releasing more adventure series including the NUMA files, The Oregon files, Isaac Bell Adventures and the Fargo series of adventures. 

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