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ONLY £49.99

The Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie Limited Edition Collector’s Pack is a specially created collector’s set that can be added to the two-volume book Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie by Titanic historian and author Jonathan Smith to make a deluxe version of the book. Each set contains 30 items directly associated with the 1980 movie and the 1976 best-selling novel by Clive Cussler, all professionally reproduced from the originals in the Jonathan Smith Raise the Titanic film collection which has been amassed over 40 years. 


Each set contains a treasure trove of rare items, including many that were never previously available to the public. Included with the set is a numbered, signed and stamped certificate of authenticity which can be adhered into your purchased copy of the book Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie* and a special sticker that can be fixed to the front cover of the book. Attached to the front of each folder containing the collector’s contents there is a corresponding numbered sticker. 


Only 500 collector’s packs have been made. No others will be produced. Once all 500 units have been sold, that will be it. Each set is only available directly from the author on a first come first serve basis. These packs will not be available anywhere else other than directly from the author. 


Each Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie Collector’s Pack contains the following:


  • Specialty bookplate signed by the author, numbered, embossed and ink proof stamped 

  • Deluxe sticker that can be attached to the cover of the book

  • Set of 10 behind the scenes images from the production of Raise the Titanic

  • National Underwater Marine Agency (NUMA) salvage operations identification card

  • Letter sent from the book publisher Viking Press to Raise the Titanic author Clive Cussler announcing that his novel is going to be published

  • Colour publicity card from 1980 of the raising of the Titanic

  • 1979/80 ITC film crew equipment tie-on tag

  • Film logo vinyl sticker

  • Arthur Brewster’s 1912 “Thank God for Southby” postcard

  • UK cinema front-of-house promotional poster art card

  • Viking Press Raise the Titanic book publishers trade information card from 1976

  • U.S insert poster design collector’s card # 1 (raising Titanic)

  • U.S insert poster design collector’s card # 2 (seabed Titanic)

  • 1977 Raise the Titanic bookmarker design collector’s card # 3

  • 1980 Bantam Books Clive Cussler novels bookmarker design collector’s card # 4

  • 2021 Raise the Titanic raising wreck collector’s card # 5

  • 1978 “A PROJECT TO STAGGER THE IMAGINATION” advanced ITC promotional print

  • 1980 storyboard depicting the discovery of the Titanic in the movie

  • Deleted sinking scene from the film’s intended 1912 prologue

  • Hydrozene salvage tank schematic

  • Admiral Sandecker’s press conference Titanic profile plan

  • July 30, 1980 World Premiere ticket for Raise the Titanic




£49.99 (per collector’s pack)



Shipping will include tracking and insurance. Item(s) will not be sent at an alternative cheaper rate without tracking and insurance. Tracking and insurance is applied to cover both the seller and buyer. Buyer is responsible for any import fees/taxes depending on their country.


UK postage ­– £7.65


Worldwide shipping – £19.99


When placing your order, please include your full name, shipping address, email and a contact number. Orders cannot be fully processed if any of the mentioned shipping information is missing. 


Email your details for the order to:

From there I will respond with sending the link to pay through PayPal.


Shipping out of the collector’s pack(s) will begin on the 1st March 2022. Any changes in shipping, such as being brought forward or any possible delays, will be made public on the Facebook group Raise the Titanic Movie Group


*  Please note that the collector’s pack will NOT include the two-volume book Raise the Titanic: The Making of the Movie. This is sold separately and will be available from the publisher BearManor Media, online bookstore retailers and bookstores.